AobaKomaochi, human-selected samples.

I lost with 6mai... Human(Yamashita) played 3 games with 6 mai(w593, 800 playout/move). 1 win, 2 losses.
6mai, Yamashita vs w593, game1 lose
6mai, Yamashita vs w593, game2 win
6mai, Yamashita vs w593, game3 lose

most frequent first 16 moves opening from 3,500,000 to 6,200,000 training games.
hirate 6200k_16moves_hirate.ki2
kyo 6200k_16moves_kyo.ki2
ka 6200k_16moves_ka.ki2
hi 6200k_16moves_hi.ki2
2mai 6200k_16moves_2mai.ki2
4mai 6200k_16moves_4mai.ki2
6mai 6200k_16moves_6mai.ki2

most frequent first 16 moves opening from 1,500,000 to 3,500,000 training games.
hirate 3500k_16moves_hirate.ki2
kyo 3500k_16moves_kyo.ki2
ka 3500k_16moves_ka.ki2
hi 3500k_16moves_hi.ki2
2mai 3500k_16moves_2mai.ki2
4mai 3500k_16moves_4mai.ki2
6mai 3500k_16moves_6mai.ki2

Some samples from training game.
2mai no000001217343.csa
ka no000001127663.csa
6mai no000001059908.csa
2mai no000001059916.csa