CgfGoBan and Nngs_try


2023/07/27 CgfGoBan 1.12 fixed pass did not send to CGOS when cgos-genmove_analyze returns only move without analyze.
2023/06/26 CgfGoBan 1.11 CGOS, cgos-genmove_analyze, restart.
2022/07/17 CgfGoBan 1.10 restart game. time_left is available.
2018/07/12 CgfGoBan 1.09 AI Ryusei version.
2015/03/16 CgfGoBan 1.08 nngs, human can resign.
2009/06/26 CgfGoBan 1.05 nngs time setting.
2008/01/31 CgfGoBan 1.04 long path..
2007/09/19 CgfGoBan 1.03 MoGo(GTP engine) can work.
2006/01/24 CgfGoBan 1.01 play DLL vs. GnuGo(GTP engine).
2005/08/28 CgfGoBan 0.99 and nngs_try. Send "done" to nngs after two pass.
2005/08/21 CgfGoBan 0.98 Back screen drawing modified in Windows95.
2005/08/20 CgfGoBan 0.97 Released.






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