update history

2021-03-11 weight_decay(L2 regularization) is changed from 0.00004 to 0.0002. Back to original value. 34987k games, w3299.
2021-01-31 Drop the learning rate to 0.0000002. (from 30474k games, w3148).
2021-01-11 Replay buffer is past 1000000 games from past 500000 games. 28352k games, w3077.
2020-12-28 weight is updated from each 10000 games to 34285 games. 26700k games, w3022.
2020-12-11 v1.9 Sente one ply mate returns loss(-1) not win(+1) is fixed.
2020-12-06 weight_decay is changed from 0.0002 to 0.00004. 23982k games, w2750. We reache 24000k games, but we'll continue a little more with some another hyper parameters.
2020-12-01 v1.8 Add resign threshold, like %TORYO,'autousi,resign-th=0.229996,v=0.230,...
2020-11-23 v1.7 Update required.
2020-11-21 Training games is develop-branch only. Release will be update soon. Resign winrate is auto adjustable. Server has been updated. *.csa format has been changed. Winrate is added like +6978KI,'v=0.545,800,6978KI, ... (from 22123k games, w2564).
2019-10-25 v1.6 Update required. resign winrate 10% for ganerating games.
2020-10-24 resign is available for generating games(develop branch). 18956k games, w2250.
2020-10-22 v1.5 OpenCL is 5 times faster.
2020-09-28 Drop the learning rate to 0.000002. (from 16948k games, w2047).
2020-07-08 Drop the learning rate to 0.00002. (from 10980k games, w1450).
2020-06-28 Colab generates games 13 times faster(Tesla T4) by using develop branch.
2019-11-08 Drop the learning rate to 0.0002. (from 4340k games, w787).
2019-10-29 Drop the learning rate to 0.02. (from 4220k games, w775).
2019-07-09 v1.4 Update required. Random seed for visit count sampling was constant.
2019-07-08 v1.3 Tree reuse. PV and score is available on Shogidokoro.
2019-05-29 v1.2 Update required. MCTS initial value is not draw(0), but loss(-1).
2019-05-01 v1.0 Release.

2020-09-04 Server will stop from 18:00, 4th September(JST) for 27 hours. This is for power outage.
2019-11-30 Server will stop from 20:00, 30th November(JST) for 24 hours. This is for power outage.
2019-09-07 Server will stop from 08:00 AM, 7th September(JST) for 24 hours. This is for power outage.
2019-07-06 Server will stop from 14:00, 6th July(JST) for 24 hours. This is for backup, OS update, and v1.3 release.